Monday, December 30, 2013

Sick. Again.

It seems like since October, we've had sickness cycling through our house. Ugh. Thankfully, none of it's been serious, but I always feel on high alert with Sophie.

She's got another case of pneumonia now, very mild but with a nasty cough that's interfering with her sleep. We've been up with her a lot, poor baby.

But I'm enjoying the late night cuddles, after we've wiped tears, suctioned her nose, and put on fresh, unsnotty tubes!

We're going through these like there's no tomorrow

And her inhaler has been put to GOOD use this week
When she does fall asleep, she is OUT! Not even me taping on her pulse ox (machine with a LOUD alarm that checks her O2 level) or taking photos of her (!) wakes her up

Hopefully this is not a sign of what 2014 is going to be like! She's had a relatively healthy year so here's to another one!

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