Sunday, May 24, 2009

A special memorial

Three years ago today, our sweet doggie Bentley passed away. He was 10 months old and will always be missed.

Saturday, May 23, 2009



This Little came to stay last night...

This Little didn't want to sleep! (at first)

This Little lives outside our window,

And these Littles go "CHEEP, CHEEP, CHEEP"....all the way home!

Ok, guess I'm a little bored and have resorted to making up rhymes...if you don't know "This Little Piggy" that may have been meaningless! We thought you might like to see all these Littles we love having around this Spring!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Our church had a retreat for young adults this past weekend up in North Georgia. Some chose to stay in cabins, while others of us braved the great outdoors!

This was the first time Andre and I have ever gone camping together and it was really fun. The weather, however, wasn't ideal for roughing it; we went to sleep each night to thunder, lightening and heavy rain. We slept quite well (on our air mattress) and woke up to a slightly leaky tent roof, and one very noisy rooster! He's a permanent resident of the retreat center but I'm afriad to say we all wanted to kill him by the end of the weekend and secretly hoped that the delicious fried chicken we were served on Saturday night was in fact the offending fowl!

It was a great weekend of spending time with friends, meeting new ones, enjoying the talks and just relaxing (as exhibited in the photo below!)

Games on Saturday night...

Third Lobby (they're great by the way!) did our music and gave us a show on Saturday night...they gave an awesome performance of the new Coldplay song which Andre LOVES, so that was special for him.

Very refreshing and inspiring weekend, but there's no place like home and we're glad to be back (at least now we know our air mattress is pretty comfy for guests!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A wonderful ending

To celebrate the end of Kirsty's trip, Andre took us girls on a special date to the Sundial, a gorgeous restaurant on the top of the Westin Hotel downtown.

We all loved the views of the city and could see all the way to Stone Mountain
Hmm, we know what we're having!

Great view of Turner FieldWatching the sunset
Strawberries and cheesecake for dessert

And we ended the evening with cocktails
Goodbye Kirst! Thanks for coming, and spending time with me. Enjoyed every minute!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Braves Game

Last week Ness and Sean treated us to a Braves Game (Kirsty's first baseball game ever). We started the evening off at an Atlanta favorite, The Varsity, another first for Kirsty AND Michaela!

Miss Michaela had fun, along with the rest of us

...And guess who made it onto the big screen?!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Little Miss Dunbar

Congratulations to Matt and Katherine as they welcomed Susannah Ruth this week! Guess which team she'll be cheering for as she grows up?!