Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going Visiting

Last week we spent a two days in Chattanooga, staying with good friends and visiting Andre's American "parents", Jack and Carolyn. Jack has been in hospital and ICU for a month due to complications after a surgery and we are so thankful he is now about to go home. Praise the Lord! Last week he was still in the rehab facility so we visited him there.

The Jacks

Little Jack was obsessed with Big Jack's shoes (and his wheelchair)!
Side note: it's really embarrassing whenever we see a person in a wheelchair
because he points and says "Car" in a really loud voice. As you can imagine,
being in the elderly care facility there was plenty of pointing going on!

Nonee and Doodan gave Little Jack his first race car and to
say he loved it is an understatement!

Andre with his American family :)

We got to stay with our dear friends Myriam and Conrad and were completely spoiled! Myriam made us wonderful food and looked after our every need. And Jack loved being at their house with all that space to wander around in. Thank you for having us!

Jack got lots of lovely cuddles from Aunty Myriam

Jack was a little unsure of Kitty but he eventually made friends

Friday, March 18, 2011

Time Away

Thankful for my Husbie, who loves to surprise me. Thankful for little trips away. For beautiful places to enjoy and friends to enjoy them with. And I'm especially thankful for being able to get out of a house full of chaos, heavy duty fans and workmen cleaning up after a small flood in our laundry room!

Loved watching Jack enjoy every minute in the water!

Loved spending time with Pip and Dave and their little one

Loved sunbathing with cocktails and a good friend for company

Loved watching my boys enjoying each other

Loved dusk over the lake

Loved eating lunch on the balcony

Loved watching Jack's reaction to the canoe ride (he wasn't a fan!)

Most of all I loved this little face, taking it all in

So, today I'm thankful. For time away and good memories. And that the fans and workmen were gone when we got home :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jack Turns One!

Yes, this is a bit late, I know!! But here are some pics from Jack's actual birthday when we celebrated at home. My Mum was still here visiting and we had a little tea party with a car cake (his favorite thing and one of his only words is "car").

Car cake

A barnyard complete with all the animals, from Mummy and Daddy

Cuddles with Nana

Blowing out the candle

Yummy (this time he loved the cake...I guess chocolate is his thing!)

Enjoying cake with Daddy

And Jack took the opportunity of being the center of attention to start walking on his birthday!
Congrats little boy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Going Crazy...

Yes, I am. With the blog. And I'm having SO MUCH FUN!! Thanks to this creative tool and this wonderful resource for blogs. I used her "natural linen" background and love it! It's a work in progress, but with me that's pretty standard, as I'm always messing around with my "stuff", looking for creative outlets. So here you have my new design, for now. I know, it's totally summery and not fitting for the season at all. Oh well.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mum and Dad's Visit

Last weekend Mum and Dad were in town to celebrate Jack and Alexis' birthdays. Unfortunately, Andre was out of town with our church youth group on a ski trip (he is helping out with the youth at the moment) but Jack and I got to spend lots of love time with Mum and Dad and the rest of the family.

With Grandpa

With Nana

Playing with Aunty Nessa and Grandpa

The gang enjoying presents

Opening presents together

A new motorbike from Nana and Grandpa, just like Michaela's! Nana brought this all the way home from Cape Town in her suitcase after her visit in January. Wow!
Perfect present for our active little boy :)

And Alexis got a swing...perfect for this placid little girlie!

Hanging with Uncle Steve and Aunty Rachel and Michaela on their car.
Jack was thrilled to be able to climb all over the car!

And walking with his adored Uncle Steve

On Sunday everyone came over to our house for lunch.
Here are the cousin twins in their Sunday best.

And watching Praise Baby with Grandpa

Thanks for spending time with us all Mum and Dad. We LOVE having you!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

12 Months Old!

Our baby turned ONE on Wednesday and we're amazed as we think back to this time last year. There are so many treasured moments to remember, photos to look at, stages he went through, new things accomplished. We are so proud of our little boy and incredibly thankful for him and the life God has given.

He now weighs 19.4 lbs, is 31.5 inches tall and is walking! He's thrilled about this, as being very curious, he can now really go places! He loves people, especially other children but Daddy is still the favorite, for sure. He can say "car" now and is obsessed with anything on wheels. We love seeing his interests emerge.

Happy birthday to our darling boy. May we celebrate many more with you!

One Day Old

One Month

Two Months

Three Months

Five Months

Seven Months

Eleven Months

Twelve Months Old!!