Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve

Despite a lovely invite from friends for dinner yesterday, we were going to be spending New Year's Eve at home. We felt we shouldn't drag our germy, coughing offspring into close proximity of others. Ah well, such is life.

Seeing as we probably got our germs from my sister's girls, we figured they were the only people we could, in good conscience, associate with. Ha!! So we invited the cousins for dinner and the kids were SO excited to be having a PARTY together!

I threw some chicken in the crock-pot (God bless whoever invented that thing), rolled out some sugar cookies and settled down to the important stuff: the decorations :). If you know me, you know that's the fun part for me! 

Homemade decorations with the kids

Party table for nine!

All dressed up for the occasion!
Poor Alexis had a quick visit to the doc on their way to us, as she was complaining of a painful chest and coughing. After a breathing treatment and two xrays they gave her antibiotics for suspected pneumonia too!! Poor girlie. We were thankful they still came to dinner...I don't even know how many prescriptions we have right now between our two families!

Catching a quick pic of Emma tolerating a head band!!

This one looks like they had a bit too much of the bubbly (or sparkling apple juice!)
The kids end of the table

Jack and Ax. She's got her "cheese" face down pat...him not so much. At least he has stopped hiding under the table when the camera comes out.

Everyone got into PJs before we bid our goodbyes

Us. Do we look tired, or what?!

Lovely pic of Ness and Sean...these two are celebrating their 10th anniversary this month!!!
Such fun to have a "party" to celebrate, despite all the sickies between our two families!

And we celebrated the first day of 2014 by staying in our pajamas all day, eating left overs, playing playdough and Skyping with relatives overseas.

And it's Andre's Mom's birthday today so we celebrated with her over Skype too. Happy birthday Baba!

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Laura Ward said...

Happy Christmas & New Year's to you guys! I've loved seeing all the photos and hearing the updates. Thinking of you and sending love - may 2014 be another year full of God's peace & joy!