Saturday, September 17, 2011

19 Months

Our big boy turned 19 months old a week ago (catching up on posts here, as usual!). We are still in Illinois, visiting my parents which has been wonderful, and Jack is loving all the attention, interaction with the dogs, and plenty of space to run around outside.

These past few months he has really started to grow up and become much more communicative. He can even say quite a few words now and copies a lot of words we say. He's just started "calling" for us, which is so cute. In the morning he'll sit up in his crib and yell, "Dadoo!!" (for Daddy).

We've had to start spanking him with a wooden spoon, as a hand wasn't doing the job anymore and produced more giggles than tears! Now he'll grab the spoon from wherever I've laid it and tap his thigh with it saying, "Bay, bay" (for "obey"). At least he's getting the message!! Ha! He is pretty good most of the time, just pushing boundaries a bit now. He is very relational and loves to be around people, especially men. He has started giving us hugs and kisses when we ask and often kisses my tummy, saying "Baby"...can't wait to see him with his little sister in a couple of months!

He still picks at his food, still loves his paci, is still obsessed with trains, and still adores his Daddy most of all! Our boy is growing up and is in such a fun stage right now. We love you Jacko!


Jack has always slept in a pac 'n play. We did this for several reasons, primarily lack of space. As well as wanting to keep the guest room/nursery available for overnight visitors. Because he slept in a pac 'n play, we could move it around from room to room, as needed (he's ended up sleeping in our bathroom many a time!).

With the impending arrival of Baby Girl, we've decided that she will use the pac 'n play and so Jack needed an alternative. He was also getting a bit tall to spend every night in such a small bed. He isn't ready for a toddler bed and certainly not the guest bed, so we decided it was time for a crib. After debating about borrowing versus buying one, we figured we would need a crib for future babies anyway, so kept a look out for a good deal. And prayed for just the right one. Our back up plan was Ikea, but unfortunately they stopped carrying cribs because of the new no-side-lowering standards. Oh dear.

So we kept searching on Craigslist. And up popped the perfect one: newish, black, with mattress. And the very best part of all (apart from the very reasonable price) was the storage drawer underneath. I called, we went (all the way to Paulding County!), and Jack got a new crib. Hooray! Thank you Lord for providing so quickly and beautifully for us.

We then rearranged his room to make space for our new acquisition and it fits perfectly. Unfortunately the lovely nursery/guest room now looks like an attic storage area with far too much furniture crammed in there, but it works. I'm beyond caring what our condo looks like now, as I've accepted the fact that we are bursting out of it and we've just got to make it functional for the next little while. And I think we've come up with some good, if not aesthetically pleasing, solutions. Jack seems to think so too!

First time in the new crib

All ready for bed with paci and Pickles (his lovey)

Pretending to sleep and trying out a pillow!

He did so well the first night in his new bed and I'm sure the larger, softer mattress had something to do with it. I was slightly worried when we first put him down and a few minutes later looked at the video monitor only to see him happily bouncing up and down! However he soon calmed down and went right to sleep and did the same tonight. Phew!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I don't usually put my thankful list up here on the blog, for various reasons. But today, I will. Just because :)

...Baby Girl kicking furiously, letting me know she's growing strong

...Older and wiser friends spending the evening with us

...Russian stew, made by him

...Fresh lemons

...Music that calms

...The sparkling diamond and all that it means

...New words from Little Boy, trying so hard to be understood

...A beautiful crib for a bargain

...Bags full of pink prettiness given with kindness

...Hope for a new tomorrow

...Chocolate cake

...The colors of sunset

...Finally understanding true thanksgiving takes discipline, learning, practice

"And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our
Lord Jesus Christ"

Ephesians 5:20

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last weekend

Last weekend was a "red letter" weekend for us (that means extra special...or you can google it and get a more historic definition!). Mum and Dad were in town on their way back to Illinois from their Florida trip and so we got some good family time in on Saturday night and then again Sunday lunch.

Jack's favorite thing to do with Grandpa: watching Utube
videos of trains on his Ipad

The whole fam out to lunch
(our first family photo together since Christmas!)

Then on Saturday we got to visit with our dear friends, Gary and Heather, who have just moved out of state and who are expecting their first baby. We were so excited to see the baby bump!!

Baby bump hug

And on Sunday, our friends Conrad and Myriam drove down to visit us from Chattanooga. We loved seeing them and so appreciate them making the trip to see us. Jack immediately attached himself to Conrad and wanted to show him all his toys...he even took him into his bedroom to show off his basket of books! He also loved the fire engine they brought him. Thank you Conrad and Myriam!

Reading books together

I know I'm a little behind in writing about last weekend but I only just got all these photos onto the computer. This weekend has been nice too, just a little quieter. Hence the opportunity to write this post :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

18 Months Old

Our Jack boy turns 18 months old today. It sounds like quite the milestone and I can't believe we're already here!

He's no longer a baby and so wants to be a big boy in a lot of ways. He's really independent when we're around but is struggling with separation anxiety a lot whenever we leave him anywhere. He is now going to a Mother's Morning Out once a week and although he gets excited to go to "school" he has a hard time while there. We'll see how it goes over the next couple of weeks.

We had his well doctor visit this afternoon and he's 22 lbs (10%) and 35 inches (off the charts!). And overall he is a very healthy little boy for which we are so thankful.

He has started saying a few words now and trying to repeat words we say to him, which is encouraging. He is very task oriented and loves to have something to do, especially helping us with chores around the house. He loves people (particularly men) and will go up to most strangers and "chat" with them. Trains, cars and trucks are a constant fascination. We've also entered a new stage: throwing and hitting, all of which he finds hilarious! We're working through what needs discipline and how to redirect :)

We love you little boy! You bring so much joy each day and we are so privileged to watch you grow and learn.