Saturday, June 30, 2012

Celebrating and staying cool

Today was BUSY and so much fun! This morning our dear friends Conrad and Myriam visited us from Chattanooga and made us crepes. Yum!

Then this afternoon after naps, we popped into our new neighbor's Open House in the building across from ours. This is a crazy and awesome situation: Julie was one of my first American friends when we moved here in 1992. We went to the same school and have stayed in touch ever since. Her husband completed seminary recently and they moved back here and ended up at our church where I ran into her again. Then her hubby got a job at the church and they moved into the same complex we live in! So wonderful to have an old friend nearby!!! And she has three little boys similar ages to my two. Anyhoo, they invited their neighbors over this afternoon and we had a good time getting to know some other people from our complex too.

 Right after that, my siblings all came over to swim, have dinner and celebrate Vanessa and Sean's birthdays both of which are in June. And it was great to stay cool in the pool for a bit after today's record highs of 106 degrees here!

Rachel, Steve and Baby Wyn (this was Wyn's first time in the pool)

Ness, Sean and their girls

The Cousins' first swim together. They all loved the water!

Sophie (6 months old) and Emma and Wyn (3 months old)
Happy birthday to Vanessa (June 12) and Sean (June 27)!!! We love you guys!

Friday, June 29, 2012

6 Month Stats

I have a special six month post I STILL haven't got around to posting for our sweet Sophie! But here's the one with her stats. We got back in town last Wednesday and she had her 6 month check up the following morning. She turned 6 months on June 9th so June 21 was pushing it! Anyway, here are some stats on our girlie:

Weight: 11 lbs 15 oz (she is going upwards on her own little growth curve so the doc is happy with her, but seriously, not even 12 lbs yet?!!! She is a little midget!)

Height: 26 and 1/4 inches (so that's where all her food is going!)

Doings: she can roll over both ways, change toys from one hand to the other, loves to put weight on her legs by "standing" if we hold her hands, and is scooting a bit to reach toys

Sayings: she blows bubbles, and makes several sounds "gee" and "da" (I'm working with her on "Mama"!!), as well as babbling a lot

Eating: we still have to work really hard on increasing her formula intake but she actually took a 5 oz bottle last night. Andre and I were shocked! Woohoo! Anyway, she has taken to solids really well and opens her mouth and gets excited when she sees the spoon. She has really enjoyed rice cereal which we do in the morning, and just tonight I gave her sweet potatoes which she loved. Good stuff!

Looking: she is still pretty bald, but is getting quite a bit of very light, almost blonde hair the past few weeks. She is very long, just like her brother but with nice chunky little legs! She is gearing up for her first tooth I think, so lots of drool happening over here. 

Otherwise, she is a healthy and very happy little girl, for which we are truly thankful!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family family family!

The kiddos and I flew back home last Wednesday, while Andre is driving home tonight. Very glad to have him home after a busy week with the kids! However, there have been some really fun parts to this week, for me. On Friday I got to go to a CD release party for an old friend, Matthew Perryman Jones, whose music is fantastic (find him at Since Husbie was out of town, I went with my friend Bobbi Jo, who is an awesome photographer and took the shot below (find her at We had the best time out!

The rest of the weekend we had such fun family time! My aunt Tracy and her husband and kids flew in from South Africa, as they are visiting the States for three weeks. They spent the weekend here with us, flew down to Disney yesterday for four days and then go up to Illinois to be with my parents for another two weeks or so. We saw them last year on our trip to Cape Town, so they had met Jack then but they hadn't met any of Nessa's girls or Steve's little Wyn. We had such a great time with them, although we kept them very busy! Coke factory on Saturday morning, family cookout at Nessa's that evening. Church then lunch at Steve's on Sunday. Then dinner at our house followed by the Stone Mountain laser show. They spent Monday at the mall, experiencing the wonder of the American SHOPS!! The boys went to Sean's softball game that evening while us girls had dinner together and then we sent them off to Disney yesterday morning. Whew!

Jack reunited with his cousins after two months happy!

The big kids "helping" me make dessert on Saturday night, with my cousin Lauren keeping things under control!

Granny, my cousin Lauren, my aunt Tracy, Nolen, and my cousin David, with all our kiddos (Granny's 6 great-grandchildren!)

Waiting for the laser who on Sunday night (all the kids were home so we had fun adult time!)

Me and my siblings

Ness and Gran

Me and my Gran

Steve and Gran

Granny with 5 of her 7 grandchildren

Friday, June 22, 2012


We went a little snap happy with my brother's wonderful camera, when they were up visiting at my parents a couple of weeks ago. Kids are such fun subjects! And Sophie and Wyn were so funny together! Even though they are three months apart, they are about the same size (although Wyn has passed Sophie in weight now!).

Not very ladylike, Soph!

That's better!
This is fun

Let's cuddle

Or we could just naval gaze for a bit

Or eat my hands

Are we done yet?!

No, wait, I'm having fun now!

Happy Wyn, tired Sophie

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Time to say goodbye...

After spending two months in Illinois with my parents, we are finally packing up and heading home tomorrow. It's been a wonderful time for lots of reasons and I'm sure it'll take some adjusting when we get back home! The Husbie has had several remodeling projects up here which is why we stayed so long. Anyway, although we've been away from home, I've felt awfully busy and haven't kept up with the blog. So, for your viewing pleasure, here's a recap of our trip :
We celebrated Mum's birthday before she left for her trip to England

We weaned Jack off his pacifier, high chair and bib! He is so proud to sit in a big chair now!
And Sophie started rice cereal and apple sauce
Liesl and her boys visited

Sophie turned 5 months old....

And then six...

The peonies bloomed, and then the roses and now June has brought the hydrangeas out. There is nothing like having fresh flowers in the house!

We celebrated Mother's Day...

And then Father's Day
Mum returned from England...

And brought back Granny who is visiting from Cape Town

Sophie went swimming for the first time
And Jack learned to swim with water wings!

Cousin Wyn came to visit

And helped Sophie celebrate her half birthday!

And Jack spent most of his time outside playing with the dogs...
Swinging on the new playground (or "mine park" as he calls it) that Daddy put up in the back garden

And generally being a boy!

And don't ask me what I've been doing all this time. Whenever someone asks me that, and I can't come up with anything worthwhile, I simply say, "Keeping the children alive"!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

We've had a fun weekend celebrating the dad's in our lives! And so glad to be up here in Illinois to spend time with my Dad this year. Last night we went out for dinner with Mum and Dad. And even the kiddos didn't do too badly at the restaurant. Thankfully.
Yummy dinner out at Longhorn Steakhouse on Saturday night
Mum and Dad left this afternoon for a little holiday so we got some last minute shots of Dad and the kiddos together before they left. Jack has had the BEST time spending so much time with his Grandpa while we've been here the past two months. They're buddies for sure :)

Happy Father's Day to my glad to be able to spend it with you this year. We love you Dad (and Grandpa!)

Just as we started a tradition for Mother's Day this year, we've begun a Father's Day one too. I packed a picnic of Andre's favorite foods and we chose a fun place to go  this afternoon after naps. As the kiddos get older, they can help pick out the special food we put in the picnic for Daddy. We had such a fun outing and enjoyed the gorgeous sunny day down at the waterfront.

Happy Father's Day to our dear Daddy...we are so proud of you and thankful for you. We love you!!!

Sophie loved the fresh air and sunshine

Summertime of my favorite things

Teaching Sophie how to open the bottle

The boy and his bike

Me and my girl

And Daddy let me drive!