Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Sophie's one year portraits were scheduled today at The Picture People (love that place for easy, cheap, frequent pics!). Now, this trip to the mall always takes a lot out of me. It's the kids and the stroller and the change of outfits and the snacks and the wait time and, well, just getting there. I dread it.

And let me tell you, today the odds were stacked against me. Sophie up three times last night teething, Jack with a dreadful cold, a torrential downpour outside, and a couple of late nights under my belt. I anticipated disaster all round!

Much to my surprise (and armed with a few good tips from my dear sister), it was a relatively pleasant experience! Jack kept busy with movies on the computer and some nuggets, while Sophie didn't cry for the camera and even gave us a few smiles. And I got to use a lovely coupon that arrived this week.

Whew. Glad that's over for another six months!

P.S. And yes, her oxygen is off. Just this once. Just for her birthday portraits.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Andre's grandfather, Nikolay, went home to be with the Lord last night. We are grieving for ourselves at the loss of his presence, but rejoice as we think of him experiencing a new and perfect body in the presence of Jesus. And I can't help thinking of him being reunited with his wife, Baba Neena, after 12 years. Lord, we praise you for Deada's life and the legacy of faith he gave to his family.

Neena and Nikolay

Deada was from Russia but lived in Kazakhstan for most of his life where he practiced radiology and was a loved and respected doctor. He and Baba Needa had six children (two girls and four boys) and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was persecuted for his faith many times and to me, he is a hero of the faith! Lord, we praise you for his deep and unwavering example of faith.

At our wedding, November 2004

He immigrated to the US about 10 years ago (in his 70s!) and I have been privileged to know him and be part of his family. It was so special to have him at our wedding in 2004 and then have him meet each of our children. We have just enjoyed a two week visit with him after Thanksgiving when he met Sophia for the first time. She adored him and always gave him her biggest smiles! Lord, we praise you for those special memories.

Meeting Jack, June 2010

Meeting Sophia, November 2012

 He was in his 80s but seemed in good health up until a week ago when  he was admitted to hospital for abdominal pain. Upon investigation, the doctors thought he had colon cancer but couldn't do the necessary exploratory surgery due to his continued weakness. After the weekend in ICU, Deada went into kidney failure yesterday and was put on a ventilator. He passed away peacefully last night with both his daughters (Mama and Lyudmilla) with him, as well as two of his grand-daughters (Andre's sister Olga and his cousin, Yuliya) and their husbands. Lord, we praise you that family was around him and that many of us got to say goodbye to him over Skype.

Recent visit, November-December 2012
 Andre is driving up there with his cousin Ella, to be with his family and handle the funeral arrangements and settle all Deada's affairs. His mom was Deada's caregiver after she immigrated here five years ago so Andre will help her organize everything.

Three generations, Nikolay, daughter Natailya, grandson Andre

Praise God for a life well lived and a lasting legacy of faith! We will miss you greatly Deada!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


We dedicated the children to the Lord today with deep thankfulness and joy for each of them. Steve and Rachel joined us and dedicated Wyn at the same time. Our greatest prayer for these dear little people is that they will know and love the One who gives life and follow hard and fast after Him.

Pastor Paul presided

Lots of cake!

Dear friends

Steve doing the intro

Special ladies

Steve, Rachel & Wyn with me, Andre, Jack and Sophia

Mum made Sophia's dress out of antique linens. It was beautiful!

Mum and Dad with the kiddos

 Waterfall gazing
Our family and Rachel's family
Such a special time to thank the Lord for these precious little lives entrusted to our care. Thank you Lord. We pray for the wisdom and love to raise them for you.