Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Birthday Fun

Sophie's birthday, despite being cold and rainy, turned out to be a really fun day!

We started the day off with Dutch pancakes and sunflowers from Daddy

Then it was present time! Jack gave her a Noah's ark set (which he loves more than she does!)

And her first baby doll from Mummy and Daddy along with a crib and a stroller from Nana and Grandpa
And a beautiful doggy which arrived in the mail from our dear Ms. Donna and Mr. Carroll

Tickles for the birthday girl

And then Nana arrived with a diaper bag for Dolly

And a new dress and the cutest plate ever!

After naps we had a birthday tea party, complete with china and candles on the cake

Sophie got two more packages in the mail and the kids had tons of fun playing with the fishing set from Aunty Kirsty all the way from Australia!

Of course Dolly got lots of love

Lovely blanket from Baba

Dolly's "Os" were not well received and have remained in the diaper bag!

And after baths, stories with Nana. A wonderful end to a special day!

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