Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Firsts: Anemia

This is not going to be a super interesting post. Mainly an update on what's been going on with us. We've been busy busy busy. Two weekends ago, my Mum and Dad were in town and I had two baby showers (posts and photos coming soon). I was thoroughly spoilt and felt so loved!

Right after Mum and Dad left, almost our whole family got a stomach bug (I think we'd been spreading the germs all weekend without knowing it!), which was MISERABLE. Thankfully, it was over within 48 hours for all of us. However, at my 34 week check up on Friday, I had lost 5 pounds and was still not feeling myself at all. After a really busy weekend of work and a friend's baby shower, I hibernated on Sunday with my feet up all day!

By Monday, I was still struggling with fatigue despite the rest of the day before and a good night's sleep, so took myself off to the doctor's office to be checked out. It turns out I have anemia and have been put on iron supplements. Also, that day, they couldn't get the baby to move enough for their liking so I had an ultrasound. He looks great, weighs 5 lbs 10 oz. and is getting short of space in there! However, since he still wouldn't cooperate by moving at all for the ultrasound tech, I was hooked up to the fetal monitor and given gallons of fruit juice to drink. After I gave him a little pep talk about being on his best behavior for the doctors, he got his act together and gave a satisfactory number of kicks. Finally! Of course, that night he moved so much that I didn't get much sleep! Naughty boy.

All that to say, we are fine and apart from the anemia, everything is going well still. So here's to iron supplements and all the joys that accompany those little pills!! Ah, well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Firsts: Preggy Fitness Class

It is with much shame that I will admit, I am not much of an fitness person. In fact, that's a nice way to put it. The reality is, I am completely unmotivated when it comes to exercising and have never done it consistently except for one year in college and in fits and starts since. Shameful, I know.

And you would have thought that being pregnant, I would have made this a priority, but alas, all my good intentions have fallen to the wayside as morning sickness and fatigue set in. Excuses, excuses, I tell myself.

So for Christmas, I asked for a pregnancy fitness class and Andre was only too happy to oblige! I knew this was the only way I was going to actually get out there and do something, having accountability every week (and having pre-paid for the classes!).

So last night was my first Pregnancy Water Aerobics Class with Oh Baby Fitness and I loved it! There are five of us in the class, in all different stages of pregnancy and we had a lot of fun. While the pool water was a little chilly we all enjoyed our quick dip in the hot tub afterwards! I think I can handle this type of fitness :-)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Firsts: Laundry

Ok, so we're definitely first time parents. We got all excited about doing our little boy's first load of laundry last night! We've been given some beautiful clothes for him already, and since I'm beginning to feel the first stirrings of the nesting instinct, I wanted to get them ready and put away in his lovely new dresser (photos to come when the room is ready). I had to document the laundry process (Andre thought I'd officially lost my mind!), so here are the thrilling results :)

And I must say, it is thrilling to see all those little clothes, tiny socks, burp cloths & blankets lined up in the drawer, awaiting his arrival!