Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby update...

Well, here in the Yakovlev household, we're getting ready to have a baby! When I saw the doctor on Friday, I was 5 cm dilated already and 80% effaced (sorry if that's TMI for anyone!). They put me on the monitor to see if I was having contractions but since they weren't close enough together to be worrying, I was allowed to go home. So I've been under strict instructions this weekend to time any contractions I feel and if they get to 7 minutes apart then I'm to go in and be induced to get things really going. The doctor is just nervous I might deliver at home, since I'm pretty far along already...Yikes! But nothing seems to be going on and I got to be at my sister's baby shower yesterday and hopefully be around for her other one this afternoon (for all Mum's friends). They are both held at our house, so I really wanted to be here! If nothing happens tonight, then I go in at 8:45 tomorrow morning to be checked and probably induced.

So it looks like March 1 might be our little boy's birthday!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bridal Shower

On Saturday, I went to a lingerie shower for a friend who used to attend our church but then went over to England to study and came back engaged! She's getting married Easter weekend and I'm so happy for her! My friend Hannah and I drove out to her shower and had a great time seeing her again and celebrating with her.

Bobbi Jo, Wendy the bride, me and Hannah

We played the "design a gown out of toilet paper" game and guess who was chosen to be the "bride"??!!

I thought the girls did a great job considering the condition of the model!! And our team even won!

Wendy opening presents

It was fun to meet some of Wendy's family too, chat with friends and indulge in the gorgeous petite fours (although I was very controlled and only ate one). Congrats Wendy and Josh!

Good friends

Yesterday, our good friends Conrad and Myriam drove down from Chattanooga to spend some time with us before Baby Y arrives. We went to Maggiano's Corner Cafe for coffee and pastries and so enjoyed showing them our home and catching up on life . Thanks for coming Conrad and Myriam!!

Celebrating Valentine's...better late than never!

On Friday night, Andre and I went out to celebrate Valentine's Day (since he was away driving a bus on the actual day!). We had dinner and then saw the movie "Valentine's Day" which was cute and gave us a good laugh. It was the first date night out we've had alone in the past few months, so sad!!! That's because I usually end up like this once 6 pm hits....

But we really needed to get out and do something fun before this Baby comes and I had a wonderful time out with my Husbie, just the two of us. I even wore high heels!

Belly bump at 38 weeks

Alexis and The Bump

On Thursday afternoon we picked Dad up from the airport and went over to Ness and Sean's for the evening. Lots of time with Michaela and Alexis (although I don't have any photos of Miss M)...Alexis sleeps a lot, eats a lot and generally has stolen all our hearts (especially her Uncle Andre's)! I had her curled up on my belly bump for quite a while and suddenly at one point saw her head start to bounce up and down. It was Baby Y kicking her through my tummy!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Last weekend, Andre had the fun experience of driving the tour bus for our friends in the Revive Band. We met Dave and Pip about a year ago at our church and hit it off right away. They are from Australia and are here in Atlanta with Dave's band Revive, indefinitely. We have LOVED getting to know them and have found their friendship to be a real blessing.

Anyway, the band is part of Winter Jam this year, a big Christian music tour, and each weekend they head out of Atlanta, touring. Because they have to be at each destination by lunch time every day and the shows only end around midnight (after breaking down equipment etc.), they usually have to drive through the night to make it to the next city. This makes for a very demanding and exhausting schedule for the band members and their wives, who often take shifts during the night.

So, last weekend, Andre was the official tour bus driver. And had a blast!! He so enjoyed being with the band (I think he would want to join if music was in his skill set!), meeting other bands touring with them, and catching some of the shows. Although he was usually asleep during the late afternoon and evening hours, catching up from driving the night before. They did get stuck in that awful snow storm last Friday and ended up taking 12 hours to get from Alabama to South Carolina, instead of the expected 7! But thankfully the Lord protected the bus through all that snow and ice. I missed him (he was gone Thursday through Monday) and was a little worried about him driving through the nights, but it was kind of nice, because every time I had to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I would call Andre and see how he was doing with the driving! We didn't chat much during the days because he was helping unload or set-up, or sleeping, but we enjoyed our late night calls :) Here are a few photos he snapped:

Pip at the band's merchandise stand

A stadium during set up

During a show

Dave singing "God of Wonders" with Mac Powell (Third Day)

Andre's bed for the weekend

And, Revive just got some exciting news yesterday...they've been nominated for a Dove Award, as best new artist. Congrats guys!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome to the world Alexis Ann!

Presenting our newest niece, Alexis Ann Henry born today, to my sister Vanessa, at 11:35 am via c-section. She weighs 6 lbs 10 oz, is 19.5 inches long and looks a lot like her big sister...adorable!!! Praise the Lord for this new little life!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Firsts: Childbirth Class

On Saturday we attended the childbirth class that our hospital offers. It was an all day thing (much to Andre's dismay!) but actually went by pretty quickly and we even got out a bit early. Good thing, as all of us preggies were pretty uncomfortable from sitting so long, by the end!

We found the class really helpful, despite feeling like we already had a pretty good handle on things before we went. It was really helpful to go through each step, know what could/might happen and hear about all the hospital policies. I think it was reassuring for the husbands, to know what to expect. The first question one husband asked at the beginning of class, with great trepidation was, "Could you tell us where we should stand and what we should do. I have NO idea." Fear was written all over the poor man's face!!

During the lunch break we popped across the road to one of my favorite little cafes "Fresh 4 You" which my friend Laura had introduced me to last year. It's all mediterranean food and their lamb gyros are FAB. It was fun having a little date together in between birthing videos!

The biggest emotional upset of the whole day for me was finding out we can't have ANY visitors while we're there, except grandparents of the baby!!! This is due to the terrible flu season we've been having this year and means that even my sister and brother won't be able to come and visit or see the baby until we're home. I cried. Oh well, I guess we'll have a really quiet time in the hospital.

Only five weeks to go and so thankful that Baby is healthy so far!