Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Littlest Ones

Well, despite our best laid plans, the Lord orders our steps. So we are staying put for now, as plans to head up north didn't work out due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. So we'll get to enjoy all the Fall and holiday things down here in the south :) Especially being near the cousins!

Wyn (19 months old, Emma (19 months old) & Sophie (22 months old)

These three are so cute together. They can all walk now and hoard toys and say important things like, "NO!". But the hugging, hand-holding and sweetness when they see each other is adorable! And of course we love dressing them alike :) Praying they grow up holding each others hands through life!

Friday, October 18, 2013

22 Months Old

Our girl was 22 months old on October 9th.

We seem to be hurtling towards her second birthday and I'm NOT ready for her to be that OLD. But she is. When asked her age, she already says she's two!

I finally took her for her "18 month" photos today. Did it really take me that long?!!  She wore the dress my Mum made her for her dedication back in January. AND, she still fits into it with room to spare! She weighed 20.1 lbs yesterday at the pediatrician and is 32 inches. Still little bitty!

But TOUGH! She never stops, this girl! She had a great July and August, healthwise, but September/October have been harder as she and Jack have been swopping little viruses back and forth resulting in a nose that hasn't stopped running for 6 weeks. Not great eating which means not great growing.

Her O2 levels haven't been great either lately.

Sometimes NEHI just baffles me. It's so unpredictable! But her spirits never seem dampened and she's such a little bubble of joy around here!

We've been working on reading alone time, in bed and she loves it!


Well, it's been quite busy around here the past two weeks. Birthday celebrations, really good time with girl friends, consignment sale-ing (selling and buying), packing, and nursing sick kiddos, although nothing dire. Jack has a cold/cough and pink eye, while Sophie is dealing with a staf infection, probably MRSA, that developed in a cyst in her nether regions. Poor baby.

Oh, and I almost forgot, a wonderful time last Sunday night at the Keith and Kristin Getty concert! Some dear friends were coming into town for it and we were able to spend the evening with them, eating, talking and worshiping together. Refreshing. And thanks to my brother for babysitting!

Beautiful worship concert with Keith and Kristin Getty

Enjoying the last of our warm weather

Having a cuddle with my Sophie

And packing is what I've been doing today...and these are just Sophie's clothes! Ha ha...the cuteness that is little girl clothes!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Quiet, please

Yes. So the library.

I love that place, sans children. The quiet, the browsing, the endless rows of stories to choose from.

Not so much with two toddlers in tow. So one of my goals this Fall is to train them in library etiquette. And to like it, by golly!

Yesterday commenced library boot camp and Jack passed Library Voice, Choosing Ones Own Books, and Reading Alone Quietly with flying colors.

No Shenanigans Behind Bookcases and Pushing Your Sister Off Her Stool might take some extra tutelage!

Said sister was a different story. She pretty much flunked all round and scored particularly miserably in subjects such as Pulling Books off Shelves, Hiding Headbands and Pacifiers Amongst Mystery Novels, and Climbing.

Here's to hoping that next weeks scores are much improved!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So yes. She has her first pair of TOMS shoes, courtesy of our dear Ms. Nancy, one of Mum's best friends.

Nancy even took Sophie on a special shopping trip to pick them out when we were up there visiting this summer. Of course she went straight for the red sparkly ones and they fit perfectly now.

And of course she loves them!

Monday, October 7, 2013


So we're just waiting here. We are supposed to go up north to my parents for Hubby to do a project up there. But we can't go til he's finished his projects down here. So we wait.

And have some fun!  My birthday last week was nice. A laid back day and picnic at the park in the morning with my sisters and all the munchkins. Hubby cooked dinner and gave me perfect pressies, deep pink roses, and tiramisu. Ah. I do love birthdays!

And since then, just doing some Fall cleaning, purging of toys and clothes (and prepping them for consigning this week), and wiping the never ending runny noses of my children. Who, by the way, are playing more and more with each other every day. Jack's learning to include his sister and Sophie is learning to protect her own property. Ha!

And she won't go anywhere without that hat. If I put a dress on her, the hat goes on too! I hand it to her and she jams it on her head and toddles off. Too cute. Here they are before church on Sunday. Love them.