Thursday, April 18, 2013


Happy birthday to my Mum who has been THE BEST example of motherhood I could have. You have loved, consoled, encouraged, empathized with, laughed and cried with me, my whole life and you have lived yours so well.

Wishing you a very blessed next year. Love you always.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NEHI update

Maybe one day she'll be permanently tube free!

Today Sophie had her three month check in with her pulmanologist and he gave her a good report! Less crackles in her lungs (very common symptom of her disease) than in the past and breathing well.

He wants to keep her on .5 liter of oxygen 24/7 still, but we can take her off for short periods of time (30 min) for things like swimming etc., depending on how she tolerates it.

We will wait to see what her GI doc says about her weight in May, but we're just going to keep pushing the Pediasure and praying she stays on her own little growth curve. Because she has grown in height recently and is walking around so much now, she is looking VERY skinny at the moment, poor little dear.

But that doesn't seem to slow her down! The doc was really pleased with how active and coordinated she is. Praising the Lord for positive and encouraging feed back!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Park Day

Last Saturday was BEAUTIFUL weather so while Daddy finished up a remodeling project he had to complete, we headed out to a really great local park to meet up with the cousins. This park is wonderful as it's situated on a pretty lake with walking paths, picnic tables,etc, but has fake grass in the playground area.


It's on my top ten list of favorite things for moms. No kidding. There are no grass stains, no eating of leaves, dirt or sundry other creepy crawlies and no bumps for learning-to-walk babies :) A win-win all round!

The cousin twins swinging together

And eating lunch together

Rachel and Stephen with Wyn

Sophie and Emma trying to not get sunburned on their almost bald heads!

Me and my girlie

Such a fun morning...and everyone napped well when we got home!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Here we go again...

With another bout of the throw ups and high fever for Sophie.


 Poor baby has been very puny the past 48 hours but is on the mend now hopefully. I must say, with her condition, I always worry more about her, preparing for a hospital stay every time she gets a high fever, as somehow fevers really seem to make her body freak out. Thanking the Lord that she handled this bug pretty well and didn't seem to have bad O2 issues this time around. And the extra cuddles are a perk :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sweet Sixteen

Glad I won't be writing THAT title for another 15 years :)

Miss S is 16 months old today and has GROWN UP this past month! I feel like she's suddenly Miss Independent now that she can walk. She's really taken off this past week and now walks almost exclusively. Where did our baby go?!

She's very much a toddler now and wants to do everything herself, including feeding herself, despising anything that resembles baby food. Thankfully she does love the Pediasure she is on, so that should keep her gaining weight.

And she is a CLIMBER! She wants to be up and on and in everything! It's a good thing she's got some get up and go, considering her condition. She's getting very long and skinny and still looks very small next to kids her age, kind of a miniature version of her peers! She's getting more hair on top now and still has beautiful greenish grey eyes just like her Nana. And boy, does she tan easily! I'm jealous.

And she is a woman of passion, pretty vehement about certain things! She LOVES bathing, playing with Jack, her Nana, her paci & snacking. She HATES mess on herself/the carpet/furniture, her tubing being stuck on anything, Jack doing something she can't, people not sharing their snacks with her :)

She is such a fun little girl and adores music, books and playing games, especially when we chase her. The tubing is a bit of a hindrance and I foresee a problem with hide and seek in the future! Hee hee!

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Knight's Tale...

Sir Jack The Brave has taken up residence at our house and seems to have settled in for good. Or at least for as long as the dragons continue to roam. He is a fearsome dragon-slayer.

Sophie and I fear dragons no more. Sir Jack's wild sword wielding is another story!