Sunday, February 26, 2012

Two Months Old

So behind here on blogging! Here's a bit of a catch up. Little Miss Sophie turned two months old on Feb. 9th. She's had quite the busy month so far and is now smiling, cooing and very aware of everyone around her. She is such a sweet baby, so content and happy most of the time. She is sleeping pretty well (and therefore so is Mummy!), going to sleep at 7 pm and waking up at 8 am, with a dream feed at 11 pm and usually a feeding at 5 am. So I feel like we've got a pretty good and predictable schedule now. We are so thankful for this sweet girlie. She's such a little darling!

At her two month check she only weighed 8 lbs 7 oz so we started some formula to boost her calories a bit. She's finally got a bit more chub now!

Loves her Daddy and smiles as soon as she hears his voice

First chocolate bar :)

First Valentines Day

First cold :( Look at that snotty nose, poor baby!

Ready for her first plane ride to see Nana and Grampa!

We're visiting Mum and Dad for two weeks and have enjoyed some snow up here in Illinois. When we get back home on Tuesday, we'll be gearing up for a busy March, celebrating Jack's second birthday and welcoming two new babies into the family! Vanessa and Rachel are both due in the next three weeks and we can't wait to meet their little girls!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hanging with the Cousins

My sister was out of town this weekend with her friends from college, so her sweet hubby was watching the girls. And working on getting their bonus room remodeled before the new baby arrives! So Andre and I went over there yesterday for Jack to play with his cousins, while Andre helped Sean do some of the dirty work :) We had a fun time hanging out and even got some photos of our Saturday.

We painted...

...and had a picnic lunch while watching cartoons...

...and practiced holding Baby Sophia...

...and the Daddys ripped out a ceiling! Great job, guys!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

23 Months Old

Our precious boy turned 23 months old on Thursday. Can't BELIEVE that next month brings his second birthday! As he would say, "It's AMAZING!" Yes, he is talking like crazy now and keeps us laughing at the things that come out of his mouth. I'm not sure if we're laughing at how funny he is or just that he actually talks intelligibly now and sounds so grown up. We very often don't even realize he knows a word or concept until he says it out loud. It's incredible how much is stored up in that little brain of his. I don't usually list facts about him but thought I'd document some of his words/phrases he uses right now:

Happy Meals are "happys" made up of chicken "nuggens" and a "sake" (milkshake)
He was in the bath the other night and let out gas really loudly...he said "Burps. I heard it. Burps."!
If Sophie is in her bouncy seat, he'll go over and get in her face and say, "Hewo Suphie" followed by a kiss on her head.
Fowow" if he wants you to follow him
"Guys, kids, fwends, teacher, paint, toys, twain"...all words he says when asked about school
"Fank U, welcome" for thank you. He seems to think it all runs together and that he has to say welcome too!
If something is wrong and we fix it, he says "Better"
He's started talking to himself in a whisper and often he'll be looking at something and say, "Amazing" or "Wow"

There are lots more cute things but I won't bore you with them and truthfully I can't remember everything right this minute. I just know he's the cutest 23 month old around :)

Found him sitting on the toilet like this the other day!

We had a family pizza night with with left over champagne from New Year's Eve and he loved toasting with his very own real glass

He loves putting Sophia's paci or bottle in her mouth, but
usually pulls it right out again...poor girlie!

Happy almost 2, my sweet Boy! We love you and love watching you grow and learn.