Monday, February 23, 2009

South Carolina

We spent the weekend with some of our special friends, the Kirbys and the Dunbars at a beautiful lake house in Clemson, SC. Here's our view:

And a group shot, which includes little Miss Dunbar, arriving May '09!

On Saturday we were shown around Clemson University:

The boys at the Clemson Stadium

Only one of us was working this weekend...this woodpecker!

Just hanging out

On Sunday we visited our friends John and Suzanne and their girls Weatherly, Macy, and Elizabeth. They moved to Clemson 2 years ago and we haven't got to see them since. It was wonderful to catch up and see where they are.

Overall, a really wonderful weekend of fun, relaxation and good memories made!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Dance '09

This Friday our church's Men's Ministry sponsored a Valentine's Dance, complete with a great live band and huge dance floor in what's usually our sanctuary. Such fun!

Andre and I were involved in the preparations and even though I knew I wouldn't be dancing much, I wanted to have something fun to I thought I'd share what I came up with: something different but definitely fun!

So here we are, enjoying our evening. My sweet husbie even took me out onto the dance floor, where hilariousness, and some romance, ensued! (Neither of us are much of a success at dancing but we had a good time!)

With some of our bestest buds, Gary and Heather

And the lovely guys who worked so hard to make this happen

Thanks for a wonderful evening guys!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fun with Michaela

Mum is here for the week and the family came over for Sunday lunch today. We all got to play with Michaela which was great fun.
She just gets bigger and more accomplished every week!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TA DA!!!

I have wanted to do this for YEARS! And finally found a hair dresser I trusted enough and who actually listened. Oh, the freedom of short hair!!!!

We'll see what happens when I have to style it myself :)
P.S. The husbie LOVES it too!